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Our Nursery Package

•Nutritious and substantial morning and after noon snacks provided.


•Freshly prepared lunches in our Dalgety Bay nursery, where we cater for special dietary requirements.


•Visits from various interesting professions including Policemen, firemen and ministers.


•Visits from other interest groups including artists and travelling zoo, where the children can interact with the animals.


•Graduation ceremony before starting school.


•Regular newsletters for parents, parents evenings language development and multicultural awareness programme, including Spanish lessons at our Dalgety Bay nursery.


•Personal toothbrush and hygiene chart to promote dental care.


•Healthy eating plans from weaning stage upwards.


•Physical education programme.


•Regular curricular outings including visits to the Singing Kettle, pantomimes and the Safari Park.


•Nativity plays in all nurseries.


•Personal Learning Plans (PLP's) provided for each child.


•Daily feedback on child's activities and experiences throughout each day.  

whats included