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What Makes Us Special?

• Rainbow Nursery provides a safe environment where children can blossom into happy and confident individuals.


• Our spacious nurseries have a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where each child can develop socially and educationally at his/her own pace.


• Our aim is to give each child a secure start in life by guiding them gently through our thoughtfully planned day.



The Rainbow Group has nurseries in St Andrews, Glenrothes and Dalgety Bay and are managed by an experienced team who ensure each nursery operates to the same high standards of care and service.


The quality of service is reflected in the high numbers who come to us through recommendation and through families who have put all of their children to Rainbow . 95% of all new starts come from recommendations from other parents who have used our nurseries.


At our nurseries, we think that creativeness and imaginative play are an essential part of a child's development and will help improve social skills and co-operation.  Staff will offer scope for imaginative play by making use of the house corner, utilizing it as a shop, hospital, hairdressers and so on.  They will be available to talk, listen and encourage and join in if children invite them.


Our senior staff and managers have all been with us for many years, and this experience ensures that all of our staff are performing at a very high and consistent level and this in turn gives our parents total confidence that their children are getting the best service possible.


We pride ourselves on providing large outdoor play areas at each of our nurseries to promote regular exercise and outdoor experiences.


We work closely with Fife Council Equate team to ensure that we are doing our best to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence, and in all of our nurseries we are performing well in this respect.


We often hear teachers comment that they know in primary one that a child has been to Rainbow Nursery, and that they feel we prepare every child excellently for their school years ahead.

what makes us special