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Nursery Activities

A typical day in our nursery includes time for free play when children choose their own activities themselves: play is an essential part of the learning process and there is a wide choice of play activities available in our nursery. Creativeness and imaginative play are an essential part of a child's development and will help improve social skills and co-operation. Staff will offer scope for imaginative play by making use of the house corner, utilising it as a shop, hospital, hairdressers to name but a few.  They will be available to talk, listen and encourage and join in if children invite them.


Directed play activities aimed at specific age groups are also on going throughout the day. These activities usually follow themes and projects and are often inspired by the children: they are designed to increase each child's understanding of the world around them and to increase their awareness of people and place. Popular themes include the jungle, people who help us, seasons, my body, the circus, and cultural and religious celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, Independence Day and Wesak.


Other daily activities include singing, story time, music and movement, dance, printing, number time and circle time. Outdoor play is varied and unstructured; in good weather children will spend a large part of the day in our safe garden area where children are free to play supervised but unrestricted.

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