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Childcare Vouchers


All our nurseries accept Childcare Vouchers. These are a simple, straightforward way to pay for quality childcare. Childcare Vouchers are an employee benefit available to all eligible working parents whose employers run the scheme. Childcare Vouchers are available to both basic and high rate tax payers.


Working parents are entitled to exchange a portion of their gross salary for Childcare Vouchers, up to the value of £243 per month, or £55 per week.


This portion of your pay is exempt from Tax and National Insurance Contributions, which means you can make savings of up to £1,516* per year on your childcare costs. Both parents can take Childcare Vouchers which increases the potential saving to £3,032* per family, per year - that's a saving of over £250 per month.


We accept many different types of voucher but please check first with the nursery to ensure that your employer's scheme is on our list.


*Subject to individual circumstances



Free Early Education Entitlement


All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to a percentage of free early year education. This is sometimes referred to as the Nursery Education Grant.

A child born on or between


1st March and 31st August


1st September and 31st December


1st January and 28th February

Will become eligible for a free place from


Start of term 1 in September, following their 3rd birthday


Start of term 3 in January, following their 3rd birthday


Srart of term 5 in April, following their 3rd birthday

More information on childcare vouchers, the free early education entitlement and working tax credits can be found on the Directgov website.



Other Funding Help Available


Lone Parent's Childcare Grant

If you receive the Lone Parent's Grant you can also get help of up to £1,185 per year for your formal childcare costs such as childminders, after-school clubs and providers of day care and education. If your children are aged 8 or under, the childcare provider must be registered with the local authority.



Childcare Fund Support


You can also benefit from the Higher Education Childcare Fund, particularly if you're a lone parent or mature student. Support from this fund is discretionary, administered by institutions themselves, and is only available to meet the costs of formal/registered childcare. You should contact your university or college for more information.


More information on these subjects can be found here.